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Pacaso makes second home ownership more enjoyable and less expensive through fully managed LLC co-ownership. Pacaso is true real estate property ownership, not a timeshare, for dramatically less cost than owning a whole home. Buyers purchase ownership interest in a single-family home and enjoy ongoing access to the property throughout the year. Pacaso handles all the maintenance, removing the hassles of traditional ownership.
Experience an easier way to buy, sell and own a second home.

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By partnering with Pacaso, I can help make your second home dreams a reality today. 

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Forget Timeshares

With Pacaso, you own a home, not just a block of time. You can book stays throughout the year, not annually. And resale? It's fast and streamlined, and you set the price.


The Proof is In The Numbers

When you hold ownership of a vacation property using the fractional ownership model, you’re also responsible for only a fraction of the upkeep and maintenance. This includes the cost of taxes, HOA fees, repair bills, landscaping, utilities, property management companies and other expenses associated with shared ownership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No. With Pacaso, you own a true real estate asset, not a block of time. You can book stays throughout the year, and resale is streamlined.

Pacaso handles the management, including furnishings, repairs and bill payment. No need to worry about maintenance or upkeep – you just show up and relax.

Each 1/8 share gives you up to 44 nights at your second home, and you can schedule stays throughout the year. Pacaso’s fair and flexible system lets you book time in your home anywhere from two days to two years in advance.

Buyers can pay cash, take out a personal line of credit, or access conventional financing through Pacaso's banking partners. For buyers who choose financing, Pacaso has negotiated competitive rates and offer multiple financing options for up to 70% of the home purchase. Pacaso facilitates the process, so it's faster and simpler than a typical home loan.

The home’s operating expenses (utilities, taxes, insurance, etc.) are shared pro rata among the owners. Pacaso handles all the budgeting and bill payment and passes these expenses through to owners monthly, with no markup. Pacaso charges a $99 monthly management fee for their services.

After 12 months of ownership, any Pacaso owner can choose to sell their ownership interest, at any time. Each owner has independent control over the sale and price of their share. Pacaso will provide you with a current comparative market analysis (CMA) for your ownership interest, which you can use to help set your price. Pacaso will assist in the sale process by tapping into its existing marketplace of buyers (some homes even have waitlists) and marketing the home on Pacaso and third-party websites. Closing is fast and streamlined.

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